Worldwide there are 5,000 varieties in Peru are around 3000 Potato one of the contributions of Peru to the world, is now a product that is versatile in recipes of the most varied cuisines worldwide.

is the main foodstuff fourth in the world after wheat, rice and corn. It has been cultivated for 8000 years in South America and it was important food of the Incas who developed advanced techniques to store them. It also has a wide range of both industrial and domestic applications, is cooked, parboiled, roasted, sauté, fry. Involved in purees, creams, soufflés, croquettes and tortillas.

Today, the potato is one of the most important contributions of the Andean region (especially in our country) the whole world, being one of the most food crops consumed and appreciated, and because that way we collaborate with strengthening food security of all humanity.

Peru is the country with the greatest diversity of potatoes in the world, to have 8 native domesticated species and 2,301 of the more than 4,000 species that exist in Latin America. Moreover, our country has 91 of the 200 species that grow wild in most of our continent (which are generally inedible.)